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How to get a record deal
You have great music or you are a passionate musician, now you are looking for a record deal to monetize your music and make your art available for the world. What would be the best practices for getting a record label deal? Here at Music Biz Agents, we provide you one on one consultation including the new trend of A&R music industry consultations. It sounds very simple but its extremely hard work. Going from hardly known artists to an internationally labeled can be very hard for the artist especially for newbies. Many passionate/idealistic artist lost their way and ruin their career just because they couldn't get themselves signed to any record label..
Record Labels
If you want to increase your chances of getting signed into a record label, first and foremost you have to actually think like a label. What do they want from an artist? which kind of artists they are seeking? what experiences do they want to have with the artist? what kind of music do they want to deal with? and most importantly how they are going to make your art beneficial for you and for themselves? If you understand all of these questions then your chances of making something that they never gonna reject will increase.
A&R (Artists & Repertoire)
If you want to get singed with a well-known label then bad news for you, they get tons of demos and new artists' requests. A study says that an average label gets 100 to 150 demos each day. Which means for labels it's so hard to pick up the right artist. That's where they use A&Rs which means Artists and Repertoires who are always giving their time to analyzing the demos that they got from artists. A&R can be beneficial for both Labels and Artists as well because it helps labels to find out the best possible art and also it helps artists to get signed with a record label. Pitching The Label Website Looking on record label's website to find out their contact addresses or any personal email address, if it's possible then try to reach out to their A&Rs. Because they are the people who are going to listen to you. And try to engage and reach out to them through their social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, etc. Just cold emailing won't get you a deal you have to connect with them every possible site only then you can get a better chance of a deal.
Follow The Rules And Stand Apart From Competition
If you won't follow any proven pattern or any kind of necessary step they probably are going to reject you from first sight. For the different situations, you have to manage different types of steps to go through but here we are giving you the most important things that you should master first then you have to apply for a label deal. Make Everything Easy For Them Put Quality Over Quantity Don't Ever Use Copyrighted Content Connect And Engage with Them Socially Be Consistent Directly Interact And Build Relationship With A&Rs Make Your Portrait Unique If you still find it hard, or you are seeking guidance or consultation to getting signed into a record label. You can join our Music Biz Agents services. Where we will be consulting you, guiding you, and getting you signed as an artist into a record label. It can directly help you in your music career and save your hundreds of dollars and your important time. We can also assist you with the major record labels nationwide and internationally direct contacting them for giving your music a chance to live. Make an appointment today, and let's get started your with career in the music industry. Your passion for music can be a harsh cruel place if you don't have the right steps to follow and the right contacts to reach out. Let Us Help You Today.

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